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Wellraiser Radio


Wellraiser Radio

Celebrating Humanity's Celebrities!

What's up peeps. I am super pumped to bring you Wellraiser Radio! My two sidekicks & I plan to dig deep with our celebrity guests, sports icons, musicians & more to talk about subjects everyone else is afraid to discuss! From depression to bad hair days to sex to how to be successful - it's all here and tons more!  

This is a safe place to gain support where everyone speaks their mind, brings support, has a total blast & knows that there's no judgement/just kindness! Welcome to Wellraiser Radio!



Chances are good you've seen the naked pizza photo of our guest James Ramsey,  who is a Model, Veteran, Amputee, Musician, & Fitness Badass! James discusses overcoming the loss of a leg after an accident, his process for beating the mental challenges associated with amputation, how he fell into modeling, his fitness regimen, food intake and tons more! Don't miss it! *Note: Some strong language.

Joshua Coburn & sidekicks Shane & Symon talk with Founder of BarkAID, Stylist, & World Record Holder Patrick Lomantini! Patrick talks about all of his ups & downs on his journey to saving pets all across the United States on BarkAID’s 50 States Tour as well as chasing his passion late in his life!

We talk with The Lizard Man about education, living as a full time freak, and breaking stereotypes. We cover everything from getting through airports easily to public reactions to his appearance and living a life of freedom! It's go time! Tune in here!

So super pumped to talk with former UFC & Current MMA fighter Justin Wren! You may recognize Justin from Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights as well as being the face of Fight for the Forgotten, representing the Pygmy people of the Congo! Justin discusses some horrifying instances of bullying in his life, how he coped with such devastating encounters with his peers, how that lead into addiction, and how a vision lead to him discovering his life’s purpose!

International Male Fitness Model & Serial Entrepreneur Colin Wayne touches on his 50+ magazine covers, his road to social media super-stardom, facing down PTSD post Army, how focusing on fitness brought him through depression/anxiety & a ton more! A serial entrepreneur, you’ll find that Colin is a driven self-starter who WILL motivate you to do live for everyday instead of just living for the weekend! You’ll wanna take some notes so get ready for a fun ride!

Pumped to speak with In This Moment Director & Photographer of bands such as Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Motionless in White, & Bring Me The Horizon – Jeremy Saffer! Jeremy, for the first time publicly, reveals his battle with Diabetes, how he put it into remission with the help of original Misfit Doyle, as well his beginnings in photography, his passion for horror movies, and how he decided to make soap (yes actual soap) with prizes within!

Cross Over Athlete, Pro Fitness Competitor, Ultra-Runner, & Triathlete Ashley Horner! Ashley talks about how her Ashletes inspire her, how her challenges are the same as all other Moms/Athletes, her fears entering the gym for the first time, and tons more! Ashley opens up for some candid and touching conversation on this episode of Wellraiser Radio – Don’t miss it!!

The Doorman Josh Yandt opens up about bullying, shares his pain, & how little things make a big difference in our life and the lives of others! Don't miss this very emotional & inspiring episode!

Mike Smith gets real with millennials, applying common sense, & taking action in life! We also discuss the realities of living in the real world, becoming a legend in your life, and doing amazing things to assist teen moms, at risk kids, and former prostitutes, all while operating Skate for Change, The Bay, The Harbor, & more!

Wellraiser Radio hosts talk with Candace, vocalist of crossover hardcore band Walls of Jericho, about how music saved her life, how being a humble individual in the spotlight creates an apprehensive but strong role model, and what it's like being told that you're a misfit yet knowing exactly what you want to do in life...then doing it! Enjoy!

Here we talk pulling back the curtain to connect with the homeless, fearlessness in helping out, and just how similar we are with our street bound brethren with Dignity Project founder Lolly Galvin!

@thejeepcalledyeti & @thewildyolo talk about leaving the "Rat Race" to live a life of freedom & adventure! You’re gonna wanna take notes on how to live an unconventional lifestyle & follow your dreams!

Talking tattoos, suicidal thoughts, cancer surviving clients & how to live a positive life w/ Spike TV's Ink Masters Rivals Tattooist Robbie Ripoll!* *Please note a small amount of foul language

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Wellraiser main Image_students copy.jpg

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