I could not be more excited to have @thejeepcalledyeti & @thewildyolo on Wellraiser Radio to talk about how they left the "Rat Race" to live a life of freedom & adventure! Pull out a pen & paper cause you’re gonna wanna take some notes on how to live an unconventional lifestyle & follow your dreams! Jeeps, adventure, and inspiration straight from the TDS Desert Safari! Dive in!

Wellraiser Radio digs deep with celebrity guests, sports icons, musicians & more to talk about subjects everyone else is afraid to discuss! From depression to bad hair days to sex to how to be successful - it's all here and tons more! 

Wellraiser Radio is a safe place to gain support where everyone speaks their mind, has a total blast & knows that there's no judgement/just kindness! Enjoy the show!

Take care and talk soon!

Joshua Coburn

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