Last week I had the privilage of hanging out with the students & staff at Wilmington Middle/High Schools at some Manners & Motivation events. We talked about all kinds of things both as a group and individually. It never ceases to amaze me the weight which many of our young people are carrying.

Students talked about being in foster care and then adopted, others about abuse in their homes, many mentioned the pain of alcohol/drugs in their life, and others just struggled to keep a positive attitude due to what they see on the news/social media daily. While many struggled with how to cope with their issues all were seeking a solution of some sort, which is inspiring.

Some students were seeking answers in negative places and getting negative results but all were still working to address their challenges in some way. We discussed individually what actions to take to address their specific issues positively and all were thrilled to have a bit of a new direction to head in! The messages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are already pouring in so I better get to those now...but those kids out there, they are fighting hard for the good life. We must not forget to encourage them in their battles!!

You can bring me and my Manners & Motivation events to your school as part of the Wellraisin' Across the Nation tour please start here! I'd love to come visit!!

Take Care & Talk Soon!

Joshua Coburn