No matter how hard I searched for it, happiness seemed to elude me. I chased happiness in the face of my friends, of girlfriends, in the amount of money I made or hours I worked, I looked for happiness everywhere! I tried to prove to my parents that I was good enough, that I could be successful, that I was smart enough..."Maybe that would make me happy!" I thought. Nope, none of these people made me happy, none of these actions brought happiness either.  It seemed that everything I had been taught about happiness didn't apply to me because I hadn't felt it since I was a carefree child jumping my bicycle over curbs around a safe small town neighborhood.

I remember consistently sitting by the phone waiting, impatiently, for a phone call, or an experience, or some kind of excitement to come to me. Here I was, wallowing in my own self pity as I waited, again, for something to come along and make me happy...when was this day coming? Why had it not come yet? "Ugh!" I thought, "WHY!" I would scream in my head..."WHEN!"

I  would dwell on my lack of happiness. I'd think about it constantly. "How crappy is my life? I wish someone would rescue me." I thought...but the person who needed to rescue me, the person who I had been searching for, they had been with me all along. That person...WAS ME!

Often we look to others for light when we are in darkness, but, as many of you have found, when you are seeking happiness it doesn't seem like anything will pull you out of your funk. Sometimes it appears that no matter what others do or say you are still there, feeling stuck in your cycle of despair. At least that is how it was for me, as I mentioned above.

I had to come to the realization that I was responsible for my own happiness, just as we all are. Attitude is everything, we hear it a lot but it couldn't be more true! Happiness is a choice, a choice we must make every single waking moment of our lives. Is it hard? You betcha! It is darn tough considering we cannot control what happens in life, but we can sure control how we react to it.

How does one choose happiness? We choose happiness by making a commitment to a smile every single day. We choose happiness by making a commitment to make others smile as well. We choose happiness by making a commitment to do more of what gets our hearts pumping and our fire burning regardless of the possibility of failure and of what others will say about our choices. We choose happiness by making a commitment to taking one small step toward a dream that we let go because we listened to others as they told us it was impossible. We choose happiness by surrounding ourselves with happy and supportive people that make us greater than we already are.

Ladies and gentleman, we choose happiness by CHOOSING to take action and then actually taking ACTION! Whatever makes you happy, do more of that! It's you ask? Rather than thinking you can't, decide you can and start giving it a shot. Your actions don't have to be huge at first either. Start small. Start with one smile this morning, that is a step in the right direction. Commit to something simple each day and watch it grow, just never give up or let it go. Working for happiness allows for no skip days :)

When will happiness arrive in your life? Happiness will arrive when you choose to take action and fight for it. You have one life and an opportunity to fill it with the things you love most, get out there and get started.

Take care & Talk soon!

-Joshua Coburn