We all aspire to greatness, to have a connection with others, and to live a life in happiness but often we live in fear of actually making those things happen. We often think of all the things that can go wrong (I know I did) that we never take that first step toward the things we really want in life. I was that way for years. I was scared people would talk crap about me, to me, and to others…and they did. Guess what? They always will no matter whether you are happy, successful, or sad & unsuccessful.  

Since those people were gonna talk no matter what I decided I would take a chance on me, on my life, and on others in spite of what people said about me. I started pretty small doing little things that were outside of my comfort zone.  Little by little I started to believe in the guy that stared back at me in the mirror rather than the people that would talk crap about me in school or in public…heck even at my job! The more small chances I took, the more confidence I had.

I started by taking a chance on me and believing that I could do anything, whether I could or not at that time was irrelevant if I really believed...and tried over and over. As my confidence began to grow I started looking bigger and bigger. Taking a chance on small goals became taking a chance on bigger goals, then huge goals! All this is great but I forgot something! I forgot that I can’t be good at everything or do everything on my own. I needed people in my life to encourage me and to encourage, but how? I had to take a chance on others and a chance on being vulnerable!

I wasn’t good at trusting people at all in life but I knew I had to make an attempt or I was gonna be all alone out here trying to reach my version of greatness. I did just as before, started small and took a chance at saying “Hello”, then added a bit more to the conversation with people over time. Eventually I was able to carry on those conversations (less awkwardly too!), then I was able to be a bit more vulnerable and talk about the things I liked/disliked, then even started to ask about their lives, goals, and what made them happy!

I took a chance on a lot of people; some didn’t care, some thought I was weird, but most were happy to have someone ask how their day was going. Ultimately I made connections with good friends, met some mentors who would help me reach my goals, and finally had wonderful people to experience life with. I didn’t feel so alone in the world. Being vulnerable and taking a chance were some of the best choices I ever made and I think they’ll be some of the best choices you make too. Go ahead and take a chance on you and on others, I sure would!

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