We, you and I, are perfectly capable of anything. "Like capable of anything anything?" You will probably say aloud. Yes, ANYTHING! Sounds impossible right? Well its not. Simple as that, it is not impossible to do anything you wish to do.

Lets think about this.

First we say things like "I don't know how to do that!" Of course you don't know how to do that, whatever "That" is! If you are stepping out of your box to try something new you couldn't possibly know how to do it. That is part of the process, part of doing anything you set your mind too. Learning!

Second, we make an excuse as to why we couldn't possibly start our new journey right away, like right now, this moment. Why do we do this? Well, because it is scary to try new things and go for something you want in life that is outside your comfort zone. Its scary to know you have to fail to learn, to not know what the journey looks like, and it is scary to think that many others are going to judge you for your choices.

Ask yourself this, is it scarier to have to face all of those obstacles or to be old and look back at your life with regret?

Instead of allowing a learning curve, your fear, and the words or judgements of others deter you from living at your full potential, stand in confidence and strength! You ARE capable of doing anything you wish in this life if you choose to believe you can do it, are willing to try, and fail, and try again, and know that if you stick to it you will reach your goals. You can start today by taking a small step toward your goal, by simply making the commitment to then take another small step forward tomorrow and so on!

OH!...and those people who are talking trash about your decisions? What do they matter? You will be too busy working toward your goals & living in adventure with people who DO support you to worry about those who have the time to criticize your path. Your path, your decisions, your "anything", isn't right for those who criticize you for not making the right choices anyway, how could it be? Their "anything" is different than yours so your decisions could never fit with their path and vise versa. So let them talk and take the high road, let your actions speak for themselves.

You CAN do anything if you make that choice. So stand in your strength and live adventurously! You wont regret the stories you'll gain, the people you'll meet, and the life you'll live...go get some!