Rarely do I discuss the reason behind the quotes I write or what is/was happening in my life at the the time of writing these quotes, but today I change that.

I write quotes every single day in order to keep myself in a positive mindset, quickly dispel any negativity, and move ahead with a goal for the day in mind. I wrote the following quote, "Reach for the sky, especially when you are furthest from it!", when I was frustrated with my life and where I thought it was headed.

I, like you, know what it is like to be at bottom, to feel as if there is no way out, to think that tomorrow may never come, and that there is a possibility that you may have no purpose here. In those times of sadness, depression, anxiety, of being at absolute bottom, it helps me to think of these words.

These words are a reminder to have dreams even when life isn't where you want it to be. This was a call to action to not just hope for more, but to work for more. When I struggled with the fact that I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be I thought "I can lay here in bed and complain about not wanting to get up, about not being happy, or I can get my butt outta bed and go kick butt!" ...and with that, I would get up.

Knowing that staying in bed gets me no closer to my goals gets me up and moving every morning. When you are at your lowest, think of all of those individuals who would tell you that you'll never reach the dreams you would speak of. Are you going to let them be right because you chose to stay in bed? I said "NO!" and got moving! Don't expect that your life will be perfect tomorrow or that all your goals will happen over night, they won't. Expect instead to get up, get moving, and take ONE STEP forward each day.

One step today is much farther than no steps ever. Adjust your attitude and be consistent every single day. It is with this discipline that you will see results but you must stick to the plan. One small step every day toward your goal. Remember to reach for the sky to matter how far you are from it because with every step you are getting closer to that destination!