Alright Wellraisers we are nine days in and by now it's probably pretty apparent that all of these 12 Days of Wellness tie together in one way or another huh? Much of what has been discussed is either related to self belief, belief in others, or taking action on those beliefs. Today is about continually putting positivity into the world because, well, that’s what Wellraisers do! What comes around goes around & creating smiles certainly breeds happiness, build friendships, and makes us all feel really dang good! The benefits are endless and the drawbacks are minimal. It's up to us to do our part in making the world a better place and instead of complaining about how the world is. I choose to make the world how I wanna see it...and I wanna see it filled with large amounts of awesome everywhere I look! Here are nine things we can do to make the world just a little bit better and our hearts just a little bit warmer! 

Volunteer at a local animal shelter cause nothing makes ya feel more warm and fuzzy than doing good for little warn fuzzies! How we treat animals says a lot about how we treat humans, how about we make sure we treat both exceptionally well mmmmK? 

Donate a piece of clothing for each new one you buy. No one likes clutter and everyone loves being warm and having options so this is a total win/win for everyone.  

Volunteer at a local food bank. Most charities are short on help and food banks are generally no exception. Spending the time helping those in need is about the best feeling ever AND it's an opportunity to bring along some food to donate while you donate your time. I've only done it a few times and it's not enough.  

Buy a homeless person a healthy lunch with a drink & snack for later. I'm not rich but I always try to downgrade my meal slightly so I can afford a little something extra if there are homeless individuals nearby. Seeing their smile fills my heart and I hope the food fills their belly.  

Pay for a stranger’s gas. I LOVE doing this because gas is such a necessary evil for most of us (similar to buying toilet paper, towels, and underwear). I try to do things that I would appreciate and when I pay for someone's gas it’s a great feeling resulting from seeing their smile in my rearview mirror as I drive away.  

Leave money and a note in a book at a book store...or just a note if that's all that can be afforded. A few dollars in a book is super cool because, not only does this potentially increase the chances of a book sale for the store, it encourages customers to come back for more! If I got a note telling me how much I matter in the world just by opening a book I'd be back there weekly to discover more and repeat that good feeling too...but if I discovered both? Ooooh snap! Believe that I'd be in the store for the good vibes alone and then repaying the favor as much as possible! 

Pay for the meal of a couple in a restaurant. I try as often as I can afford it to pay for a couple eating in the same restaurant as I am. Sometimes it's a veteran and his/her significant other, sometimes an elderly couple that have paid their dues in life, and sometimes a young couple possibly on their first date. No matter who it is I get a big kick outta seeing their smiles when the wait staff tells them they just got a free meal. The feeling is worth it every time, don’t miss out on a chance to feel it too! 

Give a compliment. Uh huh, this again. I know it has shown up a few times over the last several articles but that’s because it is that important. "If you have something nice to say, say it." is a motto I live my life by and, believe me, if there's anything on this list that's worth doing several times a day, this is it!  

Write a kind note for a stranger & place it in public for them to find. This is some sneaky fun because you can write whatever kind things you want on the notes and place them in little nooks and crannies all over your city! Sometimes I'll even place a note and sit on a bench nearby just to see how long it takes for someone to pick up the envelope I wrote "Just for YOU" on. Watching them open it in anticipation, smile as they read it, then hold it against their heart before they put it in a pocket/purse for safe keeping is crazy cool. So fulfilling to know the stroke of a pen on paper can make someone's day better! 

One final note, if you have interest in doing a random act of kindness and seeing how far it is paid forward you can do that with Know My Impact! See your good deeds, and the good deeds of others, on a map and in action. Don’t miss your opportunity to know what kind of impact you and all other Wellraisers are making in people's live all over the world!

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