I have the privilage of interacting with the young people of America on a regular basis both online and in person at Manners & Motivation events on the Wellraisin' Across the Nation tour. What never ceases to amaze me is how students care for one another and often celebrate their differences! North Fayette Valley students were alreading doing amazing things when I arrived and it was my goal to take them to the next level!

Students at NFV High and Middle schools were a lively bunch, especially the middle school who easily rivaled some of the largest schools I've ever spoken with in terms of noise...and if you come to my events you know its all about getting rowdy! Not only that, the level of vulnerability, honesty, & participation was off the charts! There were big laughs, quiet tears, and loud roars! I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids!

At the high school I was greeted by an enthusiastic Principal ready to work toward a more respectful school culture filled with some of the winningest athletes in the state! I was pleased to hear that students had already created organizations intended to assist with mental health support & backing the small segment of gay students in their population! This was an amazing school addressing the issues, having the conversations, and taking on problems head on rather than burying them!

Needless to say, my time at both locations proved fun, fruitful, and on point with the goal of creating more unity, increasing respect, & touching on topics most schools push under the carpet. The newly christened Wellraisers of North Fayette Valley are destined to create a greater good in their schools, community, and world long term. Based on the words of the vast number students that stayed after to talk one on one the good deeds ahead will be remarkable...I am just honored to have played a part in their journey

More dates ahead, more students to reach, and more of legacy to leave behind!

You can bring me and my Manners & Motivation events to your school as part of the Wellraisin' Across the Nation tour please start here! I'd love to come visit!!

Take Care & Talk Soon!

Joshua Coburn