A couple friends of mine reached out to me recently regarding the struggles we all face and just how the heck we get through them…or cope with them while in the midst of hardship. The combination of their suggestions, or rather one suggestion and the other a hashtag, gave birth to this article. An old friend of mine, Jaqui Duncan, thought that it would make a lot of sense to create a list of songs, a playlist of sorts, that helped me through my darkest days or maybe songs that inspire me on the daily. I loved her idea that those out there struggling could look to this list, and maybe lists from others in the future, to assist them or inspire them to face & rise above their challenges! So here we are!

Music for Mental Health, the name & hashtag (#musicformentalhealth) comes direct from my Instagram pal @spacey79. This gentleman regularly posts his favorite records with the hashtag #metalformentalhealth…because of his obvious love for all things metal music. So here we are and here is my list!

Madball – Born Strong

Born Strong is a daily player for me. This song is a good reminder to dig deeper and rise above challenges that plague us all. None of us are exempt from challenges and together we can rise! I also love that there is both a male & female vocal here to show strength is sexless! DIG DEEP FOR THE STRENGTH THAT YOU SEEK!

Bob Seger - Turn the Page

A song for the lonely, Turn the Page reminds me of the moments I reflect on life and where I am going. Set on a highway in Iowa this fits me well considering I was born in the Midwest. Capturing the moments of sadness Bob Seger is vulnerable in his lyrics to remind us that is ok to NOT be strong once in a while as long as we don’t let sadness stick around long…and then turn the page

Beastie Boys – So Whatcha Want

Big fat beats from the Beasties beg the question “So Whatcha Want?”! What the hell do I want? What do any one of us want out of life? When I need to refocus on my priorities and align with my goals this goes on repeat. Gets my head bobbin’ & my priorities straight as I write down new goals on my long term path!

Leonard Cohen –Everybody Knows

Deep and honest Leonard delivers the truth of reality gently but brutally. This is a song that keeps me grounded and humble. There’s a lot going on out there in the world and I’m just a blip on a timeline but this one reminds me to work hard & leave a legacy. When I’m gone I’m hoping there’s no question about the legacy I leave behind because everyone will, in fact, know.

Sixx AM – Skin

A gentle ballad with a massive message! Skin is the lyrical embodiment of strength & confidence. I still tear up listening at times because I know what it’s like to be judged as being something I am not. A song like this is a timeless reminder that we are remarkable beings regardless of appearance & the judgments of others…we also aren’t alone in our struggles.

Opeth – In my Time of Need

We all have survived 100% of our worst days and it’s ok to acknowledge we needed help to get through them. Opeth reminds me here that I’ve come this far and though I am well there will be more dark days, while there it’s ok to ask for that help. The faster I learn this lesson the faster I overcome my challenges

Hatebreed – To the Threshold

To The Threshold is a really aggressive reminder that I am living my destiny. Building up those around me, handing out encouraging compliments, rebuilding the broken, and taking them to the threshold! This is more than a battle cry; this is a call to arms, a matter of strength & leadership. This is a reminder that defeat is not an option and unity is key!

Scroobius Pip - You Will See Me

We’ve all been knocked down. Life has kicked us in the face a time or two, and maybe so have a few individuals. Scroobius Pip gives insight into how to take that negativity, turn it into massive amounts of inspiration. “You Will See Me” is about feeling thrown away and doubted but instead rising up to prove the doubters wrong! This song is often on repeat when I am writing or creating. This is inspiration driven directly into my eardrums and directed into my soul. If there was a song I wish I wrote, this is it. 

I hope these songs help you in you in your life as much as they help me daily in mine!

Take care, talk soon!

Joshua Coburn

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