The most common response when asked "What do you want to do before you die?" is "Make a difference!". The individual on this episode is out there proving it CAN be done! Now the question is what are you doing to make a difference?

I am so excited to share this episode of Wellraiser Radio featuring Dignity Project founder Lolly Galvin! Lolly is an inspiring and wonderful human being who is out there on the streets of America helping those that often go overlooked! This episode we talk with Lolly about pulling back the curtain to connect with the homeless, her fearlessness in helping out, and just how similar we are with our street bound brethren. Lolly reminds us that we are all in this life together while shedding light on what we can do to help! Don't miss this amazing episode & enjoy older episodes right here!

Wellraiser Radio digs deep with celebrity guests, sports icons, musicians & more to talk about subjects everyone else is afraid to discuss! From depression to bad hair days to sex to how to be successful - it's all here and tons more! 

Wellraiser Radio is a safe place to gain support where everyone speaks their mind, has a total blast & knows that there's no judgement/just kindness! Enjoy the show!

Take care and talk soon!

Joshua Coburn

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