I really had to keep my fangirling to a minimum on this one! Anyone that knows me is very aware that I love hardcore music and the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) lifestyle that comes with it. One of the early hardcore/post hardcore bands that roped me in was the female fronted Walls of Jericho! We had a chance to catch up with Walls of Jericho vocalist Candace Kucsulain!

We at Wellraiser Radio talk with Candace about how music saved her life (mine too), how being a humble individual in the spotlight creates an apprehensive but strong role model, and what it's like being told that you're a misfit yet knowing exactly what you want to do in life...then doing it!

We also touch on a charity, Relentless, she works with, power lifting, and the latest Walls of Jericho release "No One Can Save You From Yourself" I am super pumped on this episode and I think you'll gain a ton from it too! Enjoy!

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Take care and talk soon!

Joshua Coburn

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