Wanna talk about a scary word? Vulnerability. Scary huh? Vulnerability is scary because many of us perceive this as being weak. I disagree, I think vulnerability isn’t us being weak; it’s us showing our strength. Sure, vulnerabilities are sometimes weaknesses but I know it takes a heck of a lot of strength to share those weaknesses, to be that open about you/your life and expose it for the world to see. Not only that, there is risk involved too right? Someone could take advantage!

Vulnerability, though scary and a possible risk, is also a pathway to making a connection with people in your life. Let’s think in terms of how you and your best friend talk at two A.M. in your pj’s while sitting on the kitchen counter (because good conversations always happen near food or with it being stuffed in your mouth, amiright?). It’s late, you’re both tired, and you are talking about the deepest craziness in life, telling your deepest, darkest secrets and making lifelong memories right? Why, because you’re taking down your walls, being vulnerable and accepting their vulnerability too.

We often avoid this in public because we don’t always trust what others will do with that honesty. They could take advantage, think we are weak, and then make fun of us for being real. That suuuuuucks. It’s a risk for sure, but there are massive benefits too. Making a connection with someone, anyone, is a great feeling and it’s even more amazing when you know they got your back. How does this happen? How do you connect with people more? You be strong, you be brave, and you be vulnerable!

Your vulnerability, your willingness to tell your story, will show someone else that they are potentially not alone in theirs. Knowing someone else has had a similar experience, good or bad, is a welcoming feeling. These feelings are grounds for someone else to say “ME TOO!” and that “ME TOO” can easily be the basis for a lifelong friendship, a shoulder to cry on, and a connection that transcends all that separates you from them.

I am willing to be vulnerable and accept others vulnerability because the more people I am connected with the more people I know have my back and the less alone in the world I feel. The more I hear “ME TOO” the more friends I make…and you can too. All you have to do is be STRONG and be vulnerable. If you'd like to begin this process immediatly I'd suggest starting by saying "Hello" to the person nearest you. Be brave, I know you can do it and you know I got your back!

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