No matter what you've went through in 2015 or before, you survived! This is an accomplishment that should be acknowledged. We all want to give up, especially in the worst of times, but we didn't and we survived. I think back to all the times I was filled with anxiety or when I had immense challenges ahead of me and I wanted to give up even before I started. I remember how bad I felt, how little faith I had in myself, and how disappointed I thought everyone was in me.

I didn’t give up though, and neither did you. We are both here, now, and we can celebrate that fact because some days the only thing that matters is that we made it though. Well done on making it through another day, another week, another month, and another year. Here’s to you, and all the rest of us, who are looking to make 2016 a better year!

When you feel like you've got no one, you've got me. I'll answer all of you, it may take a bit but I'll make it happen. Message me any time or hit up the Relif & Resource Center.  Please be patient with me, I'll respond. I'm here.

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