You know what's attractive? Even drawing closer friends and strangers alike? A SMILE! Who would have thought that something so simple could be so important!

Take a moment to think about hanging out in a room full of strangers, who are you immediatly drawn too? Chances are good it's the person who seems most comfortable in the atmosphere and is SMILING! Why is this? Simple, we set out to create the best experience possible for ourselves, a smiling person is perceived as contributing to a positive experience. Crazy huh?

Was there ever a time when you saw a stranger scowling and thought "That's someone who will make my life better?" Probably not. You may have asked yourself "I wonder what is wrong?" or "I wonder what I can do to help?" but not often do we consider them to be someone we want to get to know better.

Who DO we want to get to know better? The individual with the big smile of course! Even if you are having a rough day rememeber that others are watching, observing your actions, and your smiles, every second. Even if you aren't feeling pretty, or confident, your smile just may be noticed by a kind stranger across the room. Your smile may grant you a chance to meet someone new!

Does smiling help you meet good people and bring them closer? I think so! Smile and find out!

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