You've heard it, heck you've probaly said it, "Facebook (or insert any other social media site) is just filled with negativity and drama!". Who's responsibility is it to change that? If not you, then who? Here are 10 ways to use social media positively & start to buck the trend of negative, drama filled, news feeds.

  1. Support others. When someone posts something about their issues let them know you are there for them.
  2. Compliment instead of complain! When you are about to post a complaint about life replace it with compliment on someone's profile.
  3. Reconnect with an old friend! Find someone on your friends list you don't speak with often & let them know you are thinking of them!
  4. Remind your followers to have a good day! Sounds too simple but letting others know you are thinking of them and hoping for the best can go a long way!
  5. Be encouraging. When others post of their successes, praise them their hard work. When others post of their struggles, remind them they can get through it!
  6. Send a random kind message! Scroll through your friends list and whoever it stops on, send them a kind message!
  7. Post photos of kittens and puppies...for real, how could this not make the list?
  8. Share heartwarming videos. There are a lot of kind people out there doing great things and creating videos of them doing it. Look at all the amazing things Ellen Degeneres is doing, or Oprah Winfrey, and all the others randomly posting kindness on YouTube. Share them!
  9. Post postive quotes! I know a guy that writes new quotes & posts nearly every single day (I also hear he's super handsome, just sayin!) on his social sites. It does brighten people's day. Give it a shot!
  10. Repeat numbers 1 through 9. You will never run out of ways to positively impact your friends, family, & followers if you continually refer back to this list and take action. Eventually you'll see less negativity, and drama, in your feeds if you begin to contribute more positivity.

If you're looking for an additional daily confidence booster check out Joshua Coburn's classic Inspiration on Demand for daily quotes to help you achieve a happy and successful life.