Schools require all sorts of things for you, the students, to bring on the first day of class. Some of which you may actually use (like folders with cute little kittens on them), other items, not so much (all 5,464,334,554,156,165 glue sticks they tell you you'll need). Unfortunatly there is something schools fail to add to the list that you're gonna need. CONFIDENCE!

Gaining confidence is a long road but the sooner you start practicing the faster you have that swagger you're lookin for. Here are a few tips that can get you going ASAP!

1) Change your view of yourself

I know I know, this sounds silly, but seriously, give it a shot. Take a look in the mirror and instead of looking for your flaws, look for your strengths. Peer into your own eyes and see the smart, vulnerable, strong individual that is inside you. Do this each morning before school, just for a few minutes. You matter, you have a job to do, you are here for a reason. Believe that.

2) Take a few breaths, then talk yourself up.

Yeah, really. This probably sounds even more silly huh? Before you walk away from that mirror take a couple breaths and tell yourself, out loud, "I can do this! I can do anything!" Then stand up straight, shoulders back, and go!

3) Just be awesome.

Seriously, practice, practice, practice. Confidence doesn't come overnight but if you look at yourself in a positive light (refer back to #1) and believe in yourself as well as your abilities (see #2) then all ya gotta do is just be awesome! When you step into your school each day, regardless of your worries or concerns, just know that you can stand tall and handle anything that is thrown at you. There will be good days and bad days but the key is in the first sentance of this paragraph...practice, practice, practice. You can't fail if you keep trying!

If you're looking for an additional daily confidence booster check out Joshua Coburn's classic Inspiration on Demand for daily quotes to help you achieve a happy and successful life.