A day doesn't go by (almost) that I don't get a personal message, comment, email, text, or some other communication that says something along the lines of "There needs to be more people like you!" Hearing this is certainly an honor but I am not speaking of this for accolades or recognition. I am mentioning this because we ALL can be what we want to see more of in society!

When I hear "There needs to be more people like you!" it is in reference to the fact that I try to be positive, to always lend a hand, and to put others before myself. I know this because I often say in return "Thank you but what makes you say that?" The response is always some version of those specific things, positivity, willingness to help out, and putting others first.

I do try to practice all of those things in my daily life because it is more personally fulfilling than anything else I have ever found, ever. Meaning, it makes me happy to see others happy, just as it apparently does you and all other humans I have ever met. Let me ask the question, what is stopping you from living a fulfilled life of positivity, with a willingness to help others out, and put others first?

My grandmother was a leader by example. She wanted to see more caring people on this planet. She wanted to see more smiles, more happiness, and more kindness toward others. What did she do? She became the person who would provide that. She wanted to see more, she created more by greeting everyone who came to her door with a hug, a warm smile, and the question of "Oh, how are you honey?'" (Nah, she didn't need your name to change your life!)

Grandma Birdie, yeah that's her real name, would wrap her little arms around strangers in supermarkets, at ball games, and at public events. Everywhere she'd go she would be bringing smiles one hug at a time. My Grandmother wanted what you want. She wanted to see more good people doing good things, so she became it and over time, so did I. I am simply continuing her legacy.

I'll go back to the question earlier, what is stopping you from being the person you want to see more of? You can do it, you can choose happiness, you can choose to help others out, and you can put others first too. Be the change you want to see in the world and your legacy will continue on just like Grandma Birdie's does...in the hearts and minds of those she embraced.

Take care & talk soon.

Joshua Coburn