It can be rough to look in the mirror and not be happy with what you see. It was hard for me for a long time. Not tall enough. Not skinny enough. A little too pudgy here, a bit too pudgy there. I wasn't comfy in my skin. Felt awkward. All because of what I thought I should look like. It took me a long time to realize that I was comparing myself to others that were entirely different than I was. I was also listening to people who would tell me that I was "Soooooo short!" and "too broad."

Thing is, none of that matters. I just needed to stop thinking I needed to be 6'6" & skinny to be a hottie (not that I would classify myself as that today) or confident (I would classify myself as this). No more dwelling on people saying I was too short/too broad. No more comparing myself to others. I would focus on the areas I didn't like and work to change them. Slowly but surely I did see changes. I began to get into better shape, eat better (sorta, I mean frozen pizzas are haaard to give up), and change in ways I always wanted.

...what I am getting at is that you are beautiful even if you don't see it yet. Your body is yours, you can do with it what you please to reach a place of happiness. Just like you redecorate your room, apartment, or home you can redecorate your body to look like you wish. As I have said before "I wasn't comfortable in my own skin so I made my skin comfortable for me". This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but rest assured that whatever it means to you, you can do it if I can. You deserve to be happy in your own skin.

To overcome this challenge in my life it first started with a willingness to be vulnerable about my situation. It's no fun to admit to yourself, or anyone else, that you aren't in love with how you look but taking the chance to address a negative is much better than being unhappy and staying the same isn't it? One small step forward at a time is all it took. I had to keep in mind that change doesn't happen overnight. I chose to make a list of the things I didn't love about myself and to just focus on one of those things on that list for as long as I needed. This wasn't a race.

Change is a process and failure does happen from time to time. I always say that failing is part of living a successful life because even though it sucks, we learn from it. Failing forward allowed me to move ahead with a bit more education than I had before. If you get stuck, like I do from time to time, thats ok too.

When I would get stuck I would pretty regularly locate someone who's already been where I was at that time or who was already where I wanted to go. It was time to take another chance, another turn at being vulnerable, and reach out to communicate with that person for a bit of advice. Often their little bits of information was just what I needed to get over my roadblocks!

It always comes down to the Wellraiser code and my 5 Points of Empowerment which you can learn more about by clicking both of those aformentioned links. Again, you deserve to be happy and I believe you can do it. This is what worked for me and it just may work for you too!

If you need anything, I'm always here to help. Message me any time. I'll answer all of you, it just takes a while, please be patient with me. In the mean time you can now check out the Relief & Resource Center for some of the topics that have been requested I discuss.

For additional information on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and more please see the NEDA.

If you're looking for an additional daily confidence booster check out Joshua Coburn's classic Inspiration on Demand for daily quotes to help you achieve a happy and successful life.