Not gonna lie, day 11's eleven motivating manners can make or break how others treat us and I'll be diggity danged (whatever that means) if I'm gonna let us get treated badly. I've found that the best way to ensure that the odds are in our favor is to treat others better than they ever expect to be treated. As Wellraisers kindness is something we commit too (Remember? No Judgment/Just Kindness!) and applying these simple manners in our lives will no doubt motivate others to reciprocate the kindness moving forward. 

Open/hold doors for others. One surefire way to put others before ourselves and create an opportunity to take a chance at saying a few kind words.  

Give a compliment. This is mentioned on the 8th & 9th day of Wellness also but makes the list again today because it's just THAT important. Not only is it about taking a chance to give a complement but also the act of actually giving one. Building one another up makes the world a better place one person at a time.  

Live by our word. If you say you'll do something, do it! Nothing loses respect faster than not upholding your integrity.

Say Please. Simple, effective. 

Say Thank You. Also simple yet effective. 

Give up your seat. On a bus, on the subway, at a party, even in the cafeteria during school lunch if an elder, a lady, or anyone else needs a seat more than you. HINT: They always do. 

Chew with a shut mouth. Oldy but goody...cause, seriously, no one wants to see that lol

Leave a good tip and if that can't be afforded, leave akind note! Others deserve to know they're appreciated!         

Keep them ears open! Listen when others speak- We'll always learn something & it is a courtesy to assist others in their lives. We cannot do this without being present and listening intently. 

Remind them we care. Saying it IS important, the chance to do so doesn't last forever. 

Always lend a hand. "What can I do for you?" is one of the most rewarding questions we can ask as long as we act upon the answer. 

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