We can't make progress if we aren't willing to take a chance on ourselves, on others, and in life. On this 8th Day of Wellness I'll provide eight awesome chances that can be taken on opportunities that'll likely present themselves in our lives at some point. When these opportunities do present themselves we'll be all like "OMG It's totally happening!" and instead of wondering what choice to make the answer will already be within us. Who knows, the opportunity to take a chance may be presenting itself right now!  

Message an old friend for a chance to rekindle an old friendship or relationship. Instead of "what could have been" this is an opportunity to see "what will be".  

Ask her/him to dance. The worst that can happen is he/she will say "No", the best thing is that we may make a new lifelong friend! Is a moment of rejection worth a lifetime of wondering "what if"?  

Text your crush. He/she may never respond but if they do, and it's positive, then we'll know if you can move on or move in closer (in a totally non-creepy way)!  

Apply for the job/college/university you really want. What do we have to lose? At the very least we'll be able to ask the employer/college administration what the reasons were for not hiring/accepting us. This will allow us to address those reasons and try again. If it goes well? Ooooh snap we got ourselves that dream job we always wanted or will be attending the college/university you'd always wanted to attend!  

Reach out to a potential mentor. If we don't know, find someone who does right? Best case scenario is that we'll have someone who can provide a solid advice on our life's journey. Worst case, our first choice (or second or third) for a mentor may be too busy or otherwise too committed to other activities to help...so we continue the search.   

Say "Hello" to a someone you don't know well. That someone may think we're a bit weird for saying "Hi" or they just may be uber-thankful because they've been ignored all day, week, month, or year. There is a good chance that making them feel noticed could make their day and if that is even a remote possibility I think it's worth it. How bout you? 

Give a compliment. For reals. If a simple "Hello" is enough to make some of us feel noticed and worthy just imagine what a compliment could do! It's as simple as "It's nice to see you." or "I'm really diggin' that shirt!" (One I use often because people apparently love all the same bands I do!). If we don't make someone feel important once in a while they may never feel that way and I think that is a shame.

Do a random act of kindness. This is one step further than even giving a compliment! Taking a chance here may not be beneficial for us (beyond the warm/fuzzy feelings it brings) but explicitly for others. This is what makes it so great. The feeling of potentially changing the course of someone's life for the better is a pretty amazing one and I'd suggest doing it ASAP...and as often as possible after that!   

Psst...there just may be 9 random acts of kindness showing up here tomorrow to help you get started! 

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