On the 7th Day of Wellness we can finally forgive ourselves for the seven friggin' failures below. I've experienced all of these seven failures and I used to beat myself up over each them. It super sucked too because it would always seem like I'd just get over feeling terrible about one thing when I would screw up again just to feel bad about something else. I carried each of these failures, and a ton more, with me for years but it wasn't until I forgave myself for my mistakes that I began to heal....and learn from them. Whaddaya say we put down the guilt we carry and pick up the positivity where we left off? 

We're not perfect: No one is, but keep working toward it! 

We don't have all the answers: Ask all the questions. 

We mistreated someone: Apologize. 

You hurt someone's feelings: Help them heal. 

We didn't overcome our challenge: Try again.  

We let someone down: Make it up to them. 

Today wasn't the best: Make tomorrow better.

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