Day 6 and we talkin' bout ways to pass along kind words and empowering messages, just sayin'! I hear a lot of excuses about why we don't give compliments or say kind things when we have something nice to say. I understand, it can be tough to step out of our comfort zones, especially in a world where it seems like kindness isn't a part of our culture. I ask the question, "If not you, or me, then who?" because if no one creates that positive culture then the culture never exists, correct? In the interest of creating a super awesome and uber-kind culture for all of us I thought I would toss out six simple opportunities we have every second of every day to spread kind words and empowering messages in our communities! 

You got this Wellraisers, lets put it into action!

Facebook message a friend: "You're appreciated, just sayin'!" 

Text your significant other: "You're beautiful & amazing, just sayin'!" 

Email your boss: "I'm thankful for your leadership, just sayin'!" 

Tweet your followers: "Thank you for supporting me. Love you all, just sayin'!"    

Snap your squad: "Without yall I'd be a lone wolf, just sayin'! #respect" 

IN PERSON remind everyone: "I'm so grateful to have you in my life, just sayin'!"

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