On this 3rd day we will dive right in with believing in ourselves, in others, and that anything is possible. Without these three major important beliefs in our lives we have a much harder time getting on that super sweet pathway to the goals & successes we seek! So, shall we? 

Belief in yourself. Mmmmhmmm, this is kind of a big deal. We've heard it our whole lives and I certainly wasn't great at making that belief in myself happen! To keep it short and sweet I'll be a bit vulnerable here. What I used to do is stand in front of the mirror and pick myself apart. I'm too chubby here, my teeth are ugly etc. That did me no good so I replaced that negativity with positive talk about how awesome I was. Sounds cheesy I know, but it began to work. I'd laugh at how dumb I felt talking myself as I flexed my muscles while reminding myself that I was pretty good looking or that I was smart at certain things (Not in everything but what I knew, I knew, what I didn't I'd set out to learn!). I'd also tell myself that I was going to reach my dreams, even though I had no clue how to do it. All that positive self talk worked for me over time and I eventually learned how to love myself. You can do it too!  

Belief in others. Wait what? I'm saying that believing in others is a big deal? Sure am! Encouraging others can hit them right in the feels and totally hits me there when I am encouraging as well. If someone is struggling at overcoming a challenge, maybe just tired of putting in all the hard work, or even just struggling with getting started on something, an encouraging word can change everything! A belief that someone can reach their intended goal could mean the difference between their giving up or going forward! Seeing others be successful at what they love is a great feeling and knowing we had a hand in it feels even better. Woot! 

Belief that anything is possible. If we believe in ourselves and we believe in others, what is the use if we don't also believe anything is possible? Believing anything is possible allows us to dream beyond what seems practical and pushing for what is beyond practical is how we make progress! When the odds are against me its even more of a reason to go after a crazy dream or lofty goal. I want to prove it CAN be done! Years ago I began to write positive things on sticky notes that I'd place around the house, in my car, everywhere. This would help encourage my self belief but also remind me that I was capable of doing things others couldn't (simply because I believed & took action), things people I grew up with told me I couldn't do, things that I now make a living doing. Remember, we can't do it alone so encouraging others and finding others to encourage us is very important so lets get out there and prove that anything IS possible! 

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