On the 4th Day of Wellness Joshua gave to me: 4 Lessons Learned (Did you totally try to remember yesterdays post to continue singing?)! Now that we've been choosing take a chance on this opportunity, to work at happiness, be present for others, believe in ourselves & others and that anything is possible over the last few days it's time to move on to the lessons we learn! Let's go! 

We are capable! After yesterday's talk of believing in ourselves it's time to prove it! Positive self talk can get us amped up and ready to rock but if we don't take action to build that confidence then it's a bit of a failure to launch. I decided where I thought the best place to start moving toward my goals was and dove in. Sometimes it went awesome, sometimes not so much. When I'd bite off more than I could chew on the first attempt at something I'd start smaller and go again. I've done this a million times but I figured out that setting a small goal today helps me get closer to my big goal tomorrow. This also builds confidence one small step at a time and before I know it I'm where I wanna be and realizing that I am capable, just like you! 

We'll do it better the second time. I mentioned above that when I bite off more than I can chew I start smaller and go again. What did I learn from this? I learned that I'm better on the second attempt (or the third, fourth, fifth or however many it takes) because of the lessons I learned from my mistakes the first time around. To be completely honest, it can be frustrating for me to this day when I have to try something over and over. I just keep saying to myself, "Almost there, you're getting better every time. Just a liiiiiiiittle but further, a little bit longer, one more try".  While there is frustration there's always a ton of satisfaction when I finally master the skill or reach the goal I've been working for. It's totally worth a another chance, always. 

The more support we give, we get right back. The better we treat one another the happier we are and the more likable we become. This is a big deal in terms of respecting others but also because those people around us, we need them and they need us too! Without one another it can be awful hard to overcome our personal challenges or reach our lofty goals. As we work through life's ups and downs it's a good feeling to know we have people there for us and vice versa. Not only that, life is a lot less scary when you have good people in your corner to lend a hand and a bit of support. Goals can be reached & challenges can be overcome alone but together is a heck of a lot easier! 

Nothing is impossible. It's true! Nothing is impossible if given enough time and knowledge to achieve it. There was a time when we thought many things were impossible (Like holding a whole worlds worth of information in the palm of our hands...ya know, like with the phone you're probably reading this on right now!) yet over the course of time we achieve it. There is no time limit on reaching our dreams, on achieving what we call success, or proving the impossible is possible. Keep in mind, always, that we are capable, we will continually get better the more we try, and that the more support we give the more we get back. All of this combined gets us one step closer to proving to ourselves, and the world, that anything can be done! Don't just believe it, do it!

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