I am pleased to officially announce that I have begun creation on my next book, tentatively titled #ihelpedchangealife after the hashtag of the same name, featuring ALL OF YOU!! #ihelpedchangealife will be a quote filled book of positivity and smiles, your smiles!

In the interest of sharing happiness and positivity with the world I realized I cannot do it alone and I believe it is time for you to be recognized for creating a positive impact on the lives of those around you!

For #ihelpedchangealife YOUR FACE will be featured prominently on the pages with one of a kind positive quotes I will personally create for those of you who choose to sign up to receive them.  When the quote is received via email by those who have signed up they will be asked to take a "selfie" photo with their one of a kind positive quote and post it on their social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+, using the hashtag #ihelpedchangealife. 

These "selfie" photos will be placed within the pages of #ihelpedchangealife when published but will also positively influence the social communities of each of the participants in the exciting process of creating this book!

Now I ask you to assist me in touching the lives of millions of people across the globe with your smiling faces and featuring my positive quotes. If you would like to become an #ihelpedchangealifer and have your "selfie" featured in my next book, please sign up here!

Greatly looking forward to having you be a part of this project!


-Joshua Coburn