"Hi Joshua,

Mingling with Students on the Manners & Motivation Tour!

Mingling with Students on the Manners & Motivation Tour!

I don't know if you will be able to respond to this rite away but I would really like to hear from you. I met you at my high school and I just loved your books and it was really great to actually meet you and shake your hand and I just wanted you to know your books changed my life. I used to think I was just there and a waste of skin, well at least that's what ppl tell me, but because of you I learned not all ppl are nice but the ones that are...are the greatest friends and I learned not to listen to those bullies.

I lost my sister and my best friend to bullies but what I really wanted to say is thank you for the inspiration have a great day."

The letter above was sent to me by an intelligent student looking for answers. All that was missing was a bit of hope and guidance, something we can all provide. It only takes a moment to ask others how they are doing, what is troubling them, and to give an encouraging word. I am proud to have done that for this one individual and I am proud of our nations educators, mentors, and parents who do this on a daily basis.

We never know the struggle that is occurring beneath the surface or the issues going on behind closed doors. Please take a moment to listen, to say something kind, and to give hope whenever possible. Making a difference in the lives of others only takes a moment, be willing to give one. We can work together to make all our lives better one small step at a time.


Joshua Coburn