-- Manners & Motivation™ Sets a New Standard for Youth Speakers & Student Events  

The all new combines cutting edge web design with classic capabilities in order to create a one of a kind experience for school staff and, most importantly, students. “The Manners & Motivation™ Tour was created to engage students in a way that has never been done before and we needed a website that could reinforce that unique experience, is something I am hugely proud of and excited to share with the world!” says President/Lead Speaker Joshua Coburn. features student and staff testimonials, videos, and even bloopers, capturing this unique speaking event in a way that will keep students and staff coming back for more.  Because Manners & Motivation™ is a student focused event there are direct feeds showcasing commentary and photos from social media channels as students use it as a platform for motivation and  change far beyond their immediate communities, a direct result of each event! With relevant and powerful messages, Manners & Motivation™ is innovating inspiration one school at a time by cultivating positive change for student’s to continue long after Manners & Motivation™ is gone.

The Manners & Motivation™ Tour with lead speaker, Joshua Coburn, is described as an inspirational and emotional roller coaster "unlike any assembly we've ever seen!" according to numerous students and staff after recent events!  The moment students enter the venue they are greeted with an unconventional rock concert-like atmosphere rather than the run-of -the-mill speaking engagement.  Coburn bursts into action the second he takes the floor bringing students to entertaining and cathartic heights right out of the gate.  Coburn's authentic life experiences and genuine message resonates with today's youth, often moving students and staff to tears before whipping them back into a rousing reminder that if you DREAM BIG and BELIEVE BIG, you most certainly will SUCCEED BIG!  In order to experience the full effect of this amazing campaign, it must be witnessed personally.

The Manners & Motivation™ Tour is currently booking dates for middle and high schools across the nation. There is also an opportunity to sign up for Good Morning Motivation to get your daily dose of inspiration direct from Joshua Coburn!


Contact: Stacy Axmear