In this installment of Ask Anything, Facebook follower Amber Pollock Jones won the chance ask of my anything she wanted to know. Amber asked some fun and personal questions that I enjoyed answering recently. Often the media asks many similar questions related to a specific topic so it is enjoyable to answer some different fan submitted questions about a range of subjects. See below for Amber’s Ask Anything. Enjoy!

Q: Where was your first job as a body modification body artist?

A: The first, and only, studio that I worked within was Slingin’ Ink Tattoos. I was there from 1999-2010 and had tons of fun and success while meeting a lot of great people. Not to mention this is where I learned a good portion about business and travel from Darren McKeag.

Circa 2005, Joshua Coburn, Slingin' Ink Tattoos.

Circa 2005, Joshua Coburn, Slingin' Ink Tattoos.

Q: Did you ever want to go to college? If yes, where and what for?

A: College, no, I did not attend college. I made a choice early on that I wanted to gain life & work experience through real life situations. I often spoke at colleges since some of my books were required reading for a few classes. That all said, I have had lots of additional training for life coaching and marketing through conferences, seminars, and working as a promotional marketer for several years.

Q: Do you own any pets?

Sir William (One Eyed Willie), one of several rescued felines.

Sir William (One Eyed Willie), one of several rescued felines.

A: I do have pets. I am a cat guy for sure. Willie is our one eyed domestic shorthair, known as Sir William to some. Bliss is black and white domestic medium hair. Both cats are rescues that are now living the good life. We also have a few outdoor cats that are the perfect mousers for our property.

Q: What are your future goals for yourself and your family?

A: My personal future goals are to reach as many people as possible through the Manners & Motivation tour and subsequent programs that we are working on. I haven’t set foot in all of the schools nationally and I plan to do just that! My family goals are simple, to lead a quiet simple life and raise our children to be good, positive, and humble people.

Q: Do you plan on writing anymore books? If yes, what about?

Original cover of the unreleased "Damn Straight"

Original cover of the unreleased "Damn Straight"

A: More books are on the agenda for sure. I have two unreleased books that are ready to go when the time is right. One is a journal from 2006-2007 that really outlines the struggles and triumphs of life one day at a time. The other is a compilation of articles from a column I used to write called “Damn Straight”. 

I am also working on another book now that will be inspirational like Inspiration on Demand but have a bit different vibe to it. I am still working out the details but the words are all written. It may not even end up as a book, it may be something a bit different but I have yet to research my options. There is also a coffee table photo book that I’d like to get finished and out eventually but I am not quite there yet.

Q: What words of encouragement do you want teens/adults to know and live by?

A: My words of advice are pretty simple, because I believe life is simple if we choose to avoid over-complicating it. I suggest being of service to others, ask what you can do and lend a hand whenever possible. Believe in big dreams and create a plan to take small steps to reach them. Lastly, if you have something nice to say, say it. All of these suggestions are very simple to implement if you are brave enough to attempt them. I assure you that your life will be changed if you do!

Q: Do you plan on anymore tattoos?

A: I do, tattoos are something that have been a major part of my entire life. I plan to tattoo the remaining portions of my body that are still un-tattooed. These areas include my right/left rib cage areas, right thigh, back of my left thigh, and buttocks area. I also plan to tattoo the sides and back of my head as well. It is a matter of finding the time to make it happen.

Q: Do you plan on more school tours and where?

A: We are currently growing Manners & Motivation to become a much larger entity that you see currently. Not only will the tour continue, it will be bigger, offer more, and become increasingly interactive. We are readying the tour launch at the moment for the upcoming school year. The tour is expected to take us all of the USA. ...launch coming soon!

Q: So do you have regrets with choices you have made in any part of your life?

A: I have none and I sure have made some terrible choices. I don’t regret my bad choices because they have given me great lessons and even better stories that I now share when I am on stage or in a gym speaking to thousands of students. If I can save others from the same mistakes, and to embrace the ones they’ve already made, it is a win. Not only that, those choices have made me who I am today and I am proud of who I am.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: My favorite color, probably black or variations of black/gray/white. These colors say so much when you put them into context with other objects/things that I am often moved by their simplicity.