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--Manners & Motivation Tour stop part of “Not in our School” Summit  

Joshua Coburn’s Manners & Motivation Tour, sponsored by Seattle, WA based The Please Line, will make a special stop at this weeks “Not in our School” Summit at the Waukee Middle School in Waukee, Iowa. Joshua Coburn will be featured as the keynote speaker at the first annual “Not in our School” Summit. Waukee’s Summit will also feature additional speakers from Des Moines area businesses addressing each grade level individually.

“It is an honor for me to perform a keynote for such an exciting new event!” Coburn mentioned. “The Manners & Motivation Tour and the ‘Not in our School’ Summit align perfectly in both intent and message!”

The “Not in our School” Summit will address subjects relating to social media etiquette, long term digital footprints, and overall online behavior. Coburn promises “An interactive event that goes far beyond all expectations of your average school assembly!” His keynote and is certainly not to be missed.

After a recent stop of the Manners & Motivation Tour one of the many online student testimonials read “Thanks Joshua-Your words of wisdom have changed me. I can’t ever thank you enough!” Speaking from the heart, Coburn is known for generating authentic reactions and deep connections with his audience. The “Not in our School” Summit at Waukee Middle School will be no different and the students are in for a memorable experience!


Manners & Motivation Tour

The Please Line, a line of clothing curated by a husband and wife team in Seattle, WA, which was created as a platform for individuals to use the word "Please”, in order to further reinforce the “Manners” portion of the “Manners & Motivation” Tour. In a world where politeness is slowly becoming an afterthought rather than a staple in society, The Please Line strives to restore the influence the word "Please" had on past generations.

“The Please Line is the stage on which Joshua Coburn’s inspirational words can resonate to any and all audiences. When powerful causes and passionate people join forces, positive trends can begin to reshape our society for the better.”  - Mel, Founder & CEO of The Please Line