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-- Worldwide Publishing & Distribution set for Inspiration on Demand

Far from ordinary, Joshua Coburn is a fiercely independent author who made a name for himself within the literary underground by releasing several self-published works. Coburn’s most recent offering, Inspiration on Demand, saw him break though to mainstream popularity with wildly positive messages and appearances on national television programs such as FOX News Live and MY Lifestyle Extra. Taking notice of Coburn’s newly established prominence, an offer was extended to the indie author to join the Motivational Press family.

 “My goal has always been to connect with individuals across the globe,” says Coburn. “And thanks to the extended reach the good people at Motivational Press provide, I’m thrilled to say I’ll finally be able to reach that goal.”

Inspiration on Demand, Coburn’s latest independent release, has been picked up by Motivational Press for a worldwide re-launch of all print and electronic versions but will additionally be putting forth an audio book as well. “The Motivational Press version of Inspiration on Demand will be slightly varied,” according to Coburn, “but just how the final product will be improved is yet to be seen. Rest assured the worldwide release will be even better than the original!”

Inspiration on Demand is overflowing with motivating and empowering messages moving readers to improve their daily lives, overcome personal trials and reach their dreams, Coburn, shares quotes in Inspiration on Demand such as:

·         Knowing your personal limits is as important as pushing them.

·         Give all you’ve got each day and you’ll never be disappointed that you didn’t give enough

·         If there is not a path to follow we shall create our own.

·         Today is the best tomorrow that yesterday could have ever offered.

·         By day’s end, be sure you can look back and know you made the best of it.

“I believe in going against the status quo, challenging society to be great rather than mediocre,” adds Coburn, “and I believe that together we can create a positive movement to improve many lives and I’m proud to do it with Motivational Press!”

 Motivational Press is the leading mid-tier publisher of transformational and influential books.

Known for his edgy appearance, positive attitude, and distinct ability to connect with others, the heavily tattooed Coburn has also risen to prominence as the go-to motivational speaker for Jr/Sr High Schools & student events.  Today, Coburn speaks to students across the nation on The Please Line sponsored Manners & Motivation Tour in which he addresses such topics as teen depression and anxiety, drug abuse, suicide, self-esteem, bullying and more.




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