Courage, Kindness, and...Cats?

The keys to a happy life and story behind the design.

I am super excited and totally pleased to release an all new "Keys to a happy life." shirt in the line of @JoshuaCoburn clothing. Arriving just in time for the holidays the "Keys to a happy life" tee embodies everything that contributes to the happy life I live in day in day out.

The first key, KINDNESS. Treating others well and giving all I can to others injects a deep sense of self worth for me personally. I always say that "it feels good to make others feel good" and that is directly reflected here.

The second key, COURAGE. Pushing through my fear has been a major challenge for me. The unknown can be scary but stepping up and moving ahead, regardless of that fear, is what helps us grow. If I chose to avoid all the things I was afraid of I would have never put myself out there, never wrote a book, and never traveled anywhere but my small town. Experiences in life are gained through having courage and I believe in encouraging others in their journey as well.

The third key, CATS! Well, this one is pretty specific to me but it reflects a couple things. Firstly, I love cats and my rescued felines are very important beings in my life both as cuddle buddies and as companions. Secondly, this reflects humor. It is a silly thing to feature on a shirt and I firmly believe that we cannot take life too seriously all the time. So love your kitties and have a few laughs. Life is good, live it with a companion & a smile.

I live by these three keys and I hope you find them useful as well. If you choose to grab a shirt please wear it with pride, treat people kindly, live courageously, and laugh a lot...and cuddle those cats.


Joshua Coburn

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