- Youth Speaker & Author Creates Kindness List For 2015-Seeks to Do It All!

Armed with suggestions from his online friends and fans, heavily tattooed author & youth motivational speaker, Iowan Joshua Coburn, plans to set out to make the world a better place in 2015! The Amazon.com bestselling author of Inspiration on Demand has created what he calls a “Kindness List” featuring acts of kindness ranging from acts as simple as visiting an assisted living facility and spending time with residents to giving a reliable car to a single mother in need.

“I have always tried to lead by example,” says Coburn. “and I regularly speak about putting good into the lives of others! This is just one way I plan to walk the talk in 2015!”

Coburn says that in lieu of New Year’s resolutions he wanted to do something different, focus less on himself and more on others.   

“With a list compiled of suggestions by others I am hoping it assists them to see that we really can make a difference in the lives of those around us. Not only that, I hope it takes a bit of the fear away from stepping out of your comfort zone a little to do something nice!"

Coburn is plans to start checking off items on his list right away in hopes to eventually begin adding more items before the end of the year. Joshua’s 2015 “Kindness List” contains nearly one hundred acts of kindness.

A few examples are below.

  • Give out roses to random strangers

  • Write cards for strangers and give away on the streets

  • Tape lottery tickets to a gas pump

  • Serve food to the homeless at a shelter

  • Find a young teenage couple (possibly a first date) and buy their meal


Joshua Coburn is a Youth Speaker, Author, & “Corporate Oddity” who has spent his life & career redefining stereotypes, living his passions, and assisting others to Dream Big, Believe Big, & Succeed Big. His latest book, Inspiration on Demand, skyrocketed Coburn to new heights worldwide by motivating and empowering readers to improve daily lives, overcome personal trials, and reach their dreams. Today, Coburn has made it his mission to make kindness a way of life while speaking with students across the nation on the inspirational and emotional rollercoaster ride known as the Manners & Motivation Tour.

Website: www.joshuacoburn.com

Facebook: facebook.com/authorjoshuacoburn

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joshuacoburn

Instagram: joshuacoburn

Inspiration on Demand is available at joshuacoburn.com, Amazon and other major online booksellers.

Contact: Joshua Coburn




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