Kind gestures go a long way in our lives and the lives of others. Often we are simply unsure of what we can do to make someones day or are lacking the courage to take that step. I encourage you to take it slow and start small. Here are three kind gestures (and a bonus) that will assist you in gaining the courage to do it more often and reap the personal rewards of helping others.

1. Leave a kind note for your loved one.

All it takes is time and a bit of care. You know all that you need to say, after all you are the expert on why you are with your significant other or why you appreciate your family members. Five minutes, a pen, and a piece of paper is all you need to turn a moment into a long term positive memory for your loved one. Let them know how much they matter to you and how much you appreciate having them in your life. That note will be cherished for a lot longer than it took to write!

2. Compliment someone.

If you have something nice to say, say it! One of the simplest ways to to make someone's day is to give a compliment. Have the courage to open yourself up to someone else, even a stranger, and pass on the positive thoughts you are thinking. If you like someone's fashion, actions, or anything else, tell them! That simple. You'll certainly create a smile, you might make their day, and you may even make a new friend!

3. Pay for someone's lunch.

If you prefer to keep your kindness anonymous, paying for someone's lunch is an easy way to achieve this. It's is as simple as asking your wait staff for the bill from the table occupied by a young couple enjoying, what is possibly, their first meal together or Veteran and his family out for an evening of fun. Instruct the wait staff to inform them that their meal has simply been paid for by a kind stranger and relish the fact you helped to make their day a little better.

Bonus: Give your best to the less fortunate.

If you got it, give it! Others are out there living a life harder than any of us could ever imagine and its important to always give to those less fortunate. We aren't here to judge and who are we to judge anyway? We are here to help our fellow man in any way we can and it warms the heart to do so. Got an extra few bucks? Grab a sandwich for the guy you passed who is living on the street. Stopping in a supermarket? Buy an extra pair of socks each time to pass on to those stuck outside in unpleasant weather. Maybe spare an extra five, ten, or twenty dollars each time you go grocery shopping and drop off that extra to the local food bank.

Always be willing to give. No one ever went broke by giving back...and most of all, it is good for the heart.