Recently I was struggling with the fact that, over the course of the last year, I marketed myself in a way that had many assuming I was some tattooed version of Tony Robbins. Fact is, I am not a second rate Tony Robbins, I am a first rate me! A man who writes daily quotes to make sure he keeps his head on straight, strives hard to reach goals, and, above all else, does his best to treat others better than they ever thought possible. I felt lost, a little confused, and for the first time in my life I was unsure of whom I was.

Was I able to get centered and refocused on why I started all of this in the first place? Yep, you can see it in the title to my website "Joshua Coburn | Making Kindness a Way of Life". That is what I am about. I am about getting myself centered in my life in order to lift others up in their lives. That is what I was born to do.

While I was struggling and pushing for answers during this difficult time I turned to the thing that got me through a lot in life, music. Like a ton of bricks Jamey Jasta's lyric, within a song titled "Ashes They Shall Reap", hit me hard and deeply. “Born to bleed, fighting to succeed. Built to endure what this world throws at me” was the line. The word that stuck out to me in that moment was endure. Endure! The word alone brings to mind soldiers on the battlefield fighting to overcome their enemies, runners pushing themselves in the last miles of a marathon, or children in third world countries selling trinkets to tourists to gain food for their families. This was endurance!

This was my call to continue to move forward. It was my will to continue to push through even though I didn't have the answers I was searching for. It was my internal belief that the answers were out there and I was going to find them! I was going to endure!

Often we view large obstacles with a feeling of impossibility but what if we use a mindset of endurance to rise above our daily struggles? There is a possibility that there is abuse, alcoholism, divorce, peer pressure, or some other issues in your life but rather than focus on overcoming all those issues at once I was reminded that focusing on enduring and overcoming one moment, one obstacle, at a time is the answer. As we all know, it is often hard to listen to your own advice and sometimes I still lose my way. I am just thankful that it happens less often with years of practice.

Whatever your goal is be sure to focus on the small steps, remind yourself to have faith in your vision, and endure your trials! Some of us are ready to climb mountains and conquer the world, some are fighting just to get through today...and sometimes we are both of those people all rolled into one little body. Stand tall, struggle hard, fight to win! Your endurance will pay off in triumph! If I can do it, I know you can do it too!

Stay strong and talk soon ladies and gentleman!

-Joshua Coburn

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