People often ask me how I set myself up to do what I love most AND always have a smile on my face. There is no major secret here, there are simply five things I credit with helping get to this place in my life. I am happy to share them with you all so you can apply them to your life as you see fit.

Be Confident

First and foremost, love yourself. Believe in who you see in the mirror every day and build yourself up in way that allows you accept yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. You are a unique individual. Rather than spend your time comparing yourself to others take the time to get to know, and to accept, yourself for who you are. When you’re proud of your strengths and you admit your weaknesses you’ll be ready to take on each obstacle with a self-assurance others will wish for!

Do for Others                           

This is probably the most important thing I could ever write and making this change in my life has done wonders. It is so simple yet so often overlooked. Stop focusing on me, me, me, and start focusing on everyone else. It took me a long time to learn that through helping others achieve their goals I ultimately end up achieving mine. The only way to get to the top is to have an army of support behind you to assist in getting to your desired destination. Be it encouragement or just down and dirty team work we cannot make it alone. How do you build that army of support? You do everything you can for as many people as possible. Ask often “What can I do for you?” or put out there “Whatever you need, I am here.” and then be there when needed. If you are there for many, many will be there for you. Not only that, it feels really good to make others smile and making others smile always brings a smile to my face too.

Be Reliable

When someone asks something of you, be there, be on time, and be ready to do whatever it is that’s expected of you. When you are reliable you are trusted. The statement usually goes something like “You have always been there for me when I needed you most.” When referring to a friend, family member, or business this statement reflects the ultimate trust. Trust is built by being reliable. Keep it simple; if you say you are going to do something, live up to your words with your actions. Do what you say you will do, earn trust, gain respect.

Be Consistent

Create a routine that works for you and stick with it. Get adequate sleep, adequate food, and provide adequate time for your work and family. Understand that every day may not fit that routine perfectly but if you are sticking close to it, and have daily goals you are working toward you’ll begin to see success. In order to achieve specific goals you will need to create tasks that serve that goal and build them into your daily routine. If your steps toward your goals become a habit, like brushing your teeth each morning, it becomes second nature. Before you know it you’ll forget that you are going above and beyond each day because it’s just the way you’ve built your life. Not to mention that you’ll also be reaching goals quickly and without them seeming like an inconvenience in the process.

Also, be sure to question your routine often and make changes for improvement. Having a good routine should not mean becoming complacent and getting too comfortable.

Don’t Quit

There will be bad days, in fact there may be terrible days, that will be trying and difficult but where there is determination there is success. Stay the course even on days when you are tired, everything is going wrong, and you are sure that you’ll never get back on track. Don’t quit! That extra mile everyone mentions, this is when it is time to walk it. There will be a reason you are alone at the top and that reason is because you kept going when all others decided to hang it up.  Value your success as much as your failures and, for the sake of everything you work so hard for, keep going!