There are simple facts in life. You are born, you will surely die, and you will pay taxes. These simple facts are proof that life can be viewed in its most basic form and still make sense. Everything in between the being born, the paying taxes, and the dying tends to get muddied up with complaints, drama, and frustration. So lets simplify and view life in its most basic form, just pay attention to the facts.

Do not complain that you are bored; the fact is that you are choosing to complain about general laziness rather than choosing to take baby steps toward a goal. It costs little to go on a run, a hike on a local trail, or read a book to further gain knowledge in order to transition out of your current job and get closer to your dream job. The fact is that if you are bored, you are not taking steps to reach your goals.

Do not get upset that your friends are untrustworthy or do not practice the golden rule. The fact is that you choose your friends and surrounding oneself with individuals that do not live to your preferred social or moral standards is a situation easily altered. The fact is that if you choose to surround yourself with people that question you, push your boundaries, are trustworthy, and are living a lifestyle you would prefer to live currently or in the future, you will grow as a person. The fact is that we pick up the traits of the company we keep, so keep good company.

Do not get upset that you are not closer to your dreams. The paths to your goals are rarely a straight line, and when it is we are rarely ready for what those dreams bring (remember Leif Garrett? Britney Spears? Lindsay Lohan?). Each step on that long & twisted path is readying us for the next step, and then the step following. Never lose sight of those dreams as you sometimes trudge, and often sprint, on your journey. It is when we are able to take a moment to turn around and look at how far we have come that we realize that long, winding path allowed us to meet wonderful people and learn amazing things. The fact is that reaching your dreams has no time limit and often you realize that those you meet on your journey become more important than the dream itself.

-Joshua Coburn