Today a choice. Each day we are faced with challenges, some mountains, some mole hills, all requiring a choice. Each day we are faced with others, all requiring interaction, each requiring a dialogue of some sort.

Rather than rely on a routine, today, make a choice to take responsibility. Take responsibility for your actions that have led you to your place in life. Take responsibility for your past and honor your life by making tomorrow different, meaningful. Mountains are meant to be climbed, mole hills are meant to be overcome. Taking responsibility for your past will allow you to take responsibility for getting yourself on that mountain, for beginning to overcome that mole hill.

Rather than living with your autopilot on, make a choice to have a meaningful dialogue with anyone you meet. Make a a choice to serve others and no longer live for yourself. Share your knowledge and soak in wisdom gained through listening. Surround yourself with those whose life is worthy of being imitated and take notes. Be sure to give your time to others and allow them to take notes as well. There is much to be gained by taking time for others, sharing your stories, and listening for the lessons in others stories as well. 

The answers to life are there and we must take responsibility for making the choice to listen to them when presented to us. Today, make a choice, take action, give your story to someone, and listen to the wisdom of others-CONNECT...your life will never be the same.

 -Joshua Coburn

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