I developed the Wellraiser Code as a reminder to myself of the 5 ways I can continually contribute to my life and the lives of others (By Being Vulnerable, Taking Chances, Failing Forward, Overcoming Challenges, and Communicating.). Now that we have come to the end of the twelve days of Wellness I am confident that we all have gained additional tools to apply to our lives in 2016. On this 12th day we are discussing twelve ways to put 12 empoweringideas into action, all associated directly with these 5 empowering points of the Wellraiser Code. It's up to us to make lives better, for ourselves and others, and this is how it's done.             

Ask "what can I do for you?" This kind of goes along with one of yesterdays Eleven Motivating Manners, which was "Always lend a hand." Always ask the question, always lend the hand, always earn/retain a friend. A good life is gained by giving and this is the first step in doing so.  

Introduce yourself to the "New Kid".  In school, at work, or in your community and remember, a handshake is the first step toward a hug...and for someone being in a new environment, having an ally is a good feeling.  

Welcome the "New Kid". More than just an introduction it's important to be inviting & helpful. Introduce them to others, help them get familiar with their new digs, and ask them if there is anything else they need. That being an ally thing pays off for everyone in the long run.                                                         

Be thoughtful/mindful of others. It's the little things. We hear our whole lives that it's the little things that matter most but we generally are the worst at focusing here. Paying attention to the little things others enjoy can go a long way. If you are grabbing a soda and you know a friend loves the Mountain Dew, snag them one, the little gesture will mean much more than the two dollars you spend on them. For other thoughtful ideas check out the 9th day Wellness! 

Be understanding. We aren't here to judge, we are here to help. Listen, relate, & communicate. Regardless of the issue, walk a next to others through their trials.  

Be supportive. Encouraging others is one of the most rewarding things we can do as people. Knowing someone didn't give up because of the encouragement we can provide is one of the most fulfilling feelings one can have in life.  

Give. Give a bit of extra time (to listen, to assist someone on their homework, help with a project etc), a few extra dollars, (to the homeless or someone who could use it), or your old clothes (coats, socks, shirts, gloves, hats) etc. Giving goes right along with (and includes) being supportive & asking "What can I do for you?". The more we can give the better off we all are. 

Do the right thing...even when no one is watching. Integrity is something only we can create for ourselves and only we can destroy. Doing the right thing keep us guilt free and when someone is watching chances are good they are taking notes. Leading by doing the right thing encourages others to do the same.  

Communicate Forgiveness. Always be willing to forgive those who have wronged us. Holding on to a grudge only hurts us & creates unhealthy anger. No need to carry unhealthy negativity. Time to let it go and move ahead.  

Find the good in others. We always find what we are looking for so why not look for the good? We don't always have to agree with others and we may not understand them, but life is a whole lot better when we focus on the good. 

Find the good in all situations or be the person who creates it! Going long with finding the good in others, finding the good in all situations is imperative living a positive life. If there is no good in the situation, be the one who creates the good in it. No reason to be a negative Nellie when you can be a positive Paully! (yeah, positive Paully is a thing now.) 

No judgement/Just kindness. The cornerstone of how to treat others and the overarching theme to what being a Wellraiser means. Never forget that we all need one another to make life as fulfilling as possible and keeping this phrase in mind will ensure that we never walk through life alone! 

Here's to an amazing 2016 for all of us. Now lets get out there an be amazing humans doing amazing things!

If you need anything, I'm always here to help. Message me any time. I'll answer all of you, it just takes a while, please be patient with me. In the mean time you can now check out the Relief & Resource Center for some of the topics that have been requested I discuss.

If you're looking for an additional daily confidence booster check out Joshua Coburn's classic Inspiration on Demand for daily quotes to help you achieve a happy and successful life.