Simple things drive inspiration and inspiration creates drive. Day 10 is filled with ideas that will help to create that spark of passion within us or keep the already burning flame inside us alight! These ideas allow us to clear our minds, contemplate where we really want to go in life, and discover new ways to get there. Regardless of others judgements its our responsibility to live in happiness, focus on what's most important to us, and to live our passions. These ten ideas are what keeps me friggin excited to be alive and gets me amped to kick life's booty...I'm pretty sure some of these will help you get inspired too!  

Get outside our comfort zone. Yeah buddy. This is one of my favorites because when I am not comfortable, I am much more aware. Being fully aware of my surroundings, and the people I am surrounded with, lets me see the world in a very different way. This awareness inspires me to approach my everyday life in new ways and learn a ton in the process!      

Escape under a blue sky. We have a ton of crap going on in our lives and it can get stressful. No matter where I am, the sky is always there to get lost in. When I need a moment to relieve stress I stop and look to the sky. I get lost in the deep blue, in the beauty of the white clouds and the sun shining on my skin. I do may best not to think but to instead just enjoy. It could be sixty seconds or sixty minutes that I escape from real life for this spectacle but each time I do I feel refreshed. This momentary escape inspires me to focus hard on what I want to accomplish and helps to break through my mental clutter.   

Relax under the stars. I've always loved being away from civilization enough to see a night sky filled with stars. Laying in the grass looking upward into the cosmos makes realize how truly small I am in the whole scope of life. Those deep thoughts constantly push me to want to make a bigger and bigger impact on the world before I'm gone. This is a good reminder that I still have a lot to do! 

Get others involved. When I feel stuck, burnt out, or stressed about everything going on around me (Seriously, I tell myself I'm going to quit each week. Then I remind myself "Just a little further/give just a little more.") I reach out to others. Discussing my issues, venting a little, and having a conversation with someone on the same path as I am is the best. These conversations remind me that I'm not alone and inspire me to keep on working for toward the goal (#steadybeasting as my friend @thejeepcalledyeti says...seriously, give him a follow on Instagram. He inspires me daily!) and I don’t think I'm alone in this friends.

Turn it up, loud! A song can inspire an emotion, a memory, and so much more. For me music is an escape into an emotional world that seems to capture every single feeling I have. When I am starved for ideas or inspiration - on goes the music...loudly! I get myself into a mental space where there are no rules and I dive into whatever project I am working on. I am, as of this writing,  immersed in the song "Honor Never Dies" and the inspiration is overflowing!                                                    

Take a walk. Yep, that simple. Just get up and get away from whatever is causing the frustration. A short walk (a long walk is even better) allows me to calm myself and even out my temper (Cause I still get frustrated too sucka!). Once I wrap up a short walk I'm much more inspired to get back to the task at hand and rock the crap out of it! 

Read a book. When I feel stuck and my internal fires are running on coals I dig out a biography or autobiography of someone who reached their dreams. I do this because they were once just a kid like me, with trials and challenges, and they reached their ultimate goal. When others ask me what I'm inspired by, my "Go-to" response is "People!" because I know that if someone else can reach their dreams, so can I...and so can you! 

Unload/write it out/talk it out. Many times I reeeeeeaaaaally gotta get out the crappy thoughts that I'm carrying with me. I'm guilty of occasionally falling into oldbad habits (which suuuuuucks) but one of the ways I practice turning those negatives into positives is by unloading them all. Just letting all my feelings out is a huge relief. I mentioned earlier that getting someone else involved is a good way to do it but if I don’t have someone present I write everything down. Not only do I feel better but I usually have something I can share that will help someone else in the long run too. Getting vulnerable goes a long way! 

Hit the gym. Oh snap! This inspires me so much, just talking about "Gettin' swole" (as the internet bro lingo goes...which I secretly kind of love) gets me all excited. Hitting the gym for any reason on any day makes me feel so good about myself physically & lets me focus exclusively on the task at hand. When I finish a workout I know I have lifted stuff. Completing that simple task is a feeling of accomplishment that inspires me to want to crush every other challenge I have in front of me.  

Listen. Opening my ears inspires me every second of every day. Hearing the excitement in the voice of others as they talk of their passions takes me to a whole other level. I know that I want to feel that same passion that I can hear in their voice d and I constantly fight to attain that. Some say I already have it when I speak, and I may, but I want continue strive for more. AHHHH!!! People rule so much! 

Let's do what it takes to get inspired and live a passionate life! You in?

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